Staying Mentally Fit

Staying Mentally Fit

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We are constantly bombarded with the latest fitness crazes and healthy eating options to improve our image, but our brain fitness is often woefully neglected. Just as important as keeping our bodies healthy and strong, a little brain attention can go a long way to increase memory capacity and improve mental functioning. Perfecting your image is about being the total package and if your mental ability is weaker than your external appearance, you aren’t reaching your full balanced potential. Although trying to lift weights with your cranium is not typically recommended, there are plenty of ways to give your thinking cap a vigorous workout.


1. Chit chat- Studies show that engaging in social interaction, even as little as ten minutes a day, is extremely integral to keeping your mind engaged. Taking time to chat with a friend about subjects you are interested in cause your brain to sweat a little while trying to seem articulate and interesting to your partner.


2. Catch some z’s- Sleep is one of the most important factors in whether or not your brain is performing up to snuff. Too little sleep leaves your brain feeling strained and overwhelmed, while too much sleep can make you feel like large cumulus clouds have taken up residence in your noggin. Adults are recommended to get between 7-8 hours of sleep every night.


3.  Exercise- Thought you could get away with staying mentally fit while munching on your couch all day? Think again! Your brain is very closely linked to your physical activity and cardiovascular workouts in particular give a mighty boost to your mental prowess. If you want to get scientific, exercising releases tons of endorphins to your brain, relieves stress, and carves out new mental patterns, all things that are important to keeping your brain healthy and happy.


4. Play the game- As cheesy and possibly uninteresting as it sounds, memory games, crosswords, and other logic games are great mental exercises to put your mind to work. If you consider these things a happily forgotten art, new digital versions of logic games can do the trick and project more of a 21st century feel. Again with the science talk, these games help improve memory, sharpen language or reasoning skills, and can open new pathways in your brain.


5. Change it up- making even minor changes to your normal routine can keep your mind sharp and ready to play. Try brushing your teeth or hair with the opposite hand, discover new foods or restaurants, find new routes to drive to work. Push your brain to new heights and challenges in order to keep your cranial reflexes sharp and ready for anything.


6. Learn something new- Learning new skills is one of the best ways to keep your brain engaged and connected to your body and surroundings. Learn to play an instrument, paint, master the basics of a new language, pick up tennis or golf. The more you train your brain to recognize new patterns, the more prepared it will be for whatever life throws at you.


Some of these suggestions may be things you do naturally in your everyday life. If so, you are on the right track to having a bodybuilder brain! Being aware of the state of your mental health is crucial to being the best you you can be.



Taylor loves all things fashion and beauty and believes it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. Style is the way we show the world how fabulous we feel inside.

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