Looking for Mackenzie Image Consulting?

We started Mackenzie Image Consulting seven years ago with the premise to help people use the tools already at their disposable – their strengths, appearance, and communication tactics – to further their personal and professional goals. What we’ve noticed over the years is that our clients are not only wanting our help in the areas of personal image but in other areas of their life that affect how they feel about themselves, their confidence, and their abilities to execute on their goals.


We’ve now created a place where people can not only look confident, but feel and live confident as well. That means a new name, new logo, and new company structure.




Best Kept Self



We hope you enjoy the new site, the new look, the new name, and our expanded mission. Learn more at www.BestKeptSelf.com


If you stumbled on this site looking to book an image/style session, click here to view them on our new site.